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Facilities and Amenities are important as they can make or break a buying contract. It is not simply enough to have a nice home in a good location these days. People are looking for more value added facilities and amenities on community sites especially in gated communities. These facilities and amenities really add to the value of a home since everything you need for leisure and entertainment will be on the property. We all lead such busy lives nowadays it is important to have some things close to home and the closest they can get is on the property of your home in a place such as this.

You will be happy to know that Royale Homes Cavite does allow you the opportunity to have access to a number of outdoor facilities and amenities right on site. This means that you can relax at your leisure after a long day at work right on site without having to add to your commute or have to find somewhere where you would have to pay for entertainment or leisure activities and this is really appealing to potential homeowners.

Second to the location is the amenities and facilities of a housing development. In a gated community such as this it is important for there to be more than just homes. The community is secured by an entrance gate equipped with a guard house that is manned 24/7's. The first thing this tells you is that the community is secure and you along with your family members and your property are protected at all times. And this is a very important facility to have in any residential community these days as times have become more and more unsafe. So safety has to always be a top priority when purchasing a home for you and your loved family members.

When it comes to on property facilities and features you will find that the gate opens up to a concrete road network with gutter systems to ensure water run off and to prevent flooding of your properties. As we touch on the topic of water it is noteworthy to state that the community is serviced by the Meralco and Silang Water District so you are certain you will always have a good flow of water as you are at home. 

Then there are the outdoor leisure facilities. Outside you will find a basketball court along with a swimming pool for your leisure and entertainment. These are great for those who like to stay active and play a competitive game here or there. There are also parks and a play area for your younger children to enjoy their outside time as this is important to their development. Other options for entertainment on the property is the Multi-purpose hall which you can use at your leisure for gatherings for you and family members, neighbors and friends. This beats renting a space outside that would work out to be more costly and there would be the added burden of having to commute there.

  • Entrance Gate
  • Guard House
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Concrete road network and Gutter
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